Bantuan Tunai Rakyat 2024: Who Qualifies and When to Expect Payments

The Bantuan Tunai Rakyat (BTR) 2024 is an annual financial aid program designed to provide monetary assistance to Malaysians. This program, formerly known by various names like Malaysian Family Assistance, aims to support individuals who have faced hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters.

Here’s everything you need to know about the BTR 2024, including payment dates and eligibility criteria.

Overview of Bantuan Tunai Rakyat 2024

Bantuan Tunai Rakyat (BTR) is an initiative by the Malaysian government to offer financial stability to its citizens. The program targets nearly nine million beneficiaries, including those who have previously benefited from similar schemes like BKM, BPR, BSH, and BPN.

The first disbursement phase occurred in January when RM2 million was distributed to help Malaysians manage their living standards.

Financial Aid Breakdown for 2024

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Anwar, the Malaysian government has introduced several enhancements to the BTR program:

  • Families with School-Going Children: Specific funds will be allocated to families with children attending school.
  • Single Individuals: Eligible single individuals will receive RM100.
  • Households: Households can receive up to RM300.
  • SARA Aid: The SARA Aid has been increased from RM600 to RM1200 for low-income families.
  • Public Employees and Retirees: Public employees in Grade 56 and below will receive RM700, while retired senior citizens will get RM350.

All eligible individuals will receive the assistance directly in their bank accounts. It is crucial to provide accurate bank information to avoid payment issues.

Beneficiaries can choose their preferred payment mode—check or online—when filling out the application form.

Bantuan Tunai Rakyat 2024: Who Qualifies and When to Expect Payments

Eligibility Criteria for Bantuan Tunai Rakyat

The BTR program has specific eligibility criteria based on household income and the number of children. Here are the main categories:

  1. Households with an income of RM2500 or less:
    • One child: RM1200
    • Two or more children: RM1800
  2. Households with an income between RM2500 and RM4000:
    • One child: RM800
    • Two or more children: RM1200
  3. Households with an income between RM4001 and RM5000:
    • One child: RM500
    • Two or more children: RM750
  4. Single individuals aged 21 to 50 earning less than RM2500 will receive a payout of RM350.

If you are the individual that falls under these categories you can grab the application as soon as possible through the online portal.


Payment Dates for 2024

The next phase of BTR 2024 payments is scheduled to begin on February 15, 2024. Payments will be directly deposited into the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

If you have not received your first payment, it is recommended to contact the official support or email your query for assistance.

Additional Employment Opportunities

The Prime Minister has also announced the creation of 50,000 new job vacancies for youth, accessible through the MyStep program. This initiative aims to provide 35,000 job opportunities. For detailed eligibility criteria and application procedures, visit the official MyStep website.

The Bantuan Tunai Rakyat 2024 program is a significant effort by the Malaysian government to support its citizens through financial aid and job creation, ensuring a better quality of life for all

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