Government Payout in July 2024: Increases, Payment Dates, Amounts, and Eligibility

Singapore’s Government Payout program offers financial aid to citizens facing rising living costs. This article provides an overview of the program, including payment dates, eligibility criteria, and recent announcements regarding increased support for low-income residents.

Understanding the GST Voucher Scheme

The Government Payout program utilizes the GST Voucher Scheme, a three-pronged initiative offering assistance through Cash Vouchers, Medisave Vouchers, and U-Save vouchers.

  • Cash Vouchers: Designed to alleviate household utility expenses.
  • Medisave Vouchers: Supplement healthcare costs.
  • U-Save Vouchers: Assist with housing expenses.

No Increase for July 2024 Payouts

While the article you provided mentions a payout of $700, it’s important to clarify that there is no increase in payouts specifically for July 2024. The next disbursement of GST Vouchers (Cash component) will occur in August 2024.

GST Voucher Cash Payout Dates and Methods

The Singapore government disburses GST Voucher Cash payouts through various methods depending on your chosen option and application status by April 30, 2024. Here’s a breakdown:

  • PayNow-NRIC Linked Bank Account (Fastest Method): Payment received directly into your bank account on August 1, 2024.
  • Bank Credit Method: Payment credited to your provided DBS/POSB, UOB, or OCBC bank account on August 11, 2024.
  • GovCash Method: Payment credited to your GovCash account on August 21, 2024. You can withdraw cash from any OCBC ATM islandwide.

Recent Announcements: Increased Support for Low-Wage Earners

The recent budget announcement highlighted plans to enhance support for low-income residents through improved income supplement schemes, effective from various dates:

  • Workfare Income Supplement Scheme:
    • Qualifying salary increased from S$3,000 to S$2,500 for individuals aged 30 or above or with specific disabilities (effective January 1, 2025).
    • Increased payouts for workers aged 35-44 (effective July 1, 2024).
  • Increased Minimum Hourly Rates:
    • Full-time workers: Salary increase to S$1,600 from S$1,400 (effective July 1, 2024).
    • Part-time workers: Minimum hourly rate increase to S$10.50 from S$9 (effective July 1, 2024).
Government Payout in July 2024: Increases, Payment Dates, Amounts, and Eligibility

GST Voucher Amount and Eligibility

The value of your GST Voucher payout depends on your annual income, age group, and property ownership. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Annual Income Above S$2100

Payment TimelineAge 55-64Age Above 65Age 55-64Age Above 64 & Between 65
February & August 2024S$200S$200S$250S$300
February & August 2025S$200S$200S$250S$300

GST Voucher U-Save (For individuals who don’t owe property tax; claim deadline: April 30, 2024)

HDB Flat Type2 Bedrooms4 Bedrooms5 BedroomsExecutive Room
GST VoucherS$95S$85S$65S$55
Existing VoucherS$95S$85S$65S$55
Total VoucherS$190S$170S$130S$110


Eligibility Criteria for Government Payouts

To qualify for the Government Payout program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Singapore citizen aged 21 or above.
  • Reside in Singapore and possess government-certified citizenship.
  • Have an annual income not exceeding S$21,000.

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