GST Voucher July 2024: When You Get It, How Much, Who Qualifies, and How to Claim

The Singapore government is set to disburse the latest round of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Vouchers in July 2024. This initiative is a vital part of the government’s social support framework, designed to alleviate the financial burden on lower- and middle-income Singaporeans.

This article provides an in-depth look at the payout date, amount, eligibility criteria, and the process for claiming the GST Voucher, ensuring that eligible citizens have all the information they need to benefit from this scheme.

Overview of GST Voucher July 2024

The GST Voucher for July 2024 will be disbursed in two main components: the GST Voucher – Cash and the GST Voucher – MediSave. The government has scheduled the payout date for July 1, 2024.

This early disbursement aims to help beneficiaries manage their mid-year expenses more effectively, especially in the face of rising living costs. The GST Voucher scheme comprises three components: Cash, MediSave, and U-Save. For July 2024, the specific amounts for each component are as follows:

  • GST Voucher – Cash: Eligible Singaporeans will receive up to SGD 400. This amount provides immediate financial support, helping individuals and families cover daily expenses.
  • GST Voucher – MediSave: Seniors aged 65 and above will receive up to SGD 450, credited to their Central Provident Fund (CPF) MediSave accounts. This component assists with healthcare costs, ensuring seniors have adequate funds to meet their medical needs.
  • GST Voucher – U-Save: Part of the utility rebates are provided quarterly to eligible HDB households. For July 2024, the U-Save rebate amount will range from SGD 95 to SGD 380, depending on the type of HDB flat. This rebate helps households offset their utility bills, reducing the overall financial burden.

GST Voucher Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the GST Voucher scheme are straightforward, focusing on providing support to lower- and middle-income Singaporeans. The specific criteria for each component are as follows:

GST Voucher – Cash

  • Income: Annual Assessable Income (AI) of up to SGD 34,000 for the Year of Assessment 2023.
  • Property Ownership: Must not own more than one property.
  • Age: Must be 21 years old and above in 2024.
GST Voucher July 2024: When You Get It, How Much, Who Qualifies, and How to Claim

GST Voucher – MediSave

  • Age: Must be 65 years old and above in 2024.
  • Property Ownership: Must not own more than one property.
  • Annual Value of Home: The annual value of the home (as of December 31, 2023) must not exceed SGD 21,000.

GST Voucher – U-Save

  • Household Eligibility: Based on the type of HDB flat occupied. All HDB households are automatically considered, with the rebate amount varying by flat type.

How to Claim the Singapore GST Voucher

The process of claiming the GST Voucher is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Notification: Eligible citizens will receive a notification letter from the government by late June 2024. This letter will outline the amount they are entitled to and the components of the GST Voucher they qualify for.
  2. Direct Credit: For the GST Voucher – Cash component, the amount will be credited directly into the recipient’s bank account linked to their NRIC. Those who do not have a bank account linked can provide their bank details through the GST Voucher website or MyInfo portal.
  3. MediSave Credit: The GST Voucher – MediSave amount will be automatically credited to the recipient’s CPF MediSave account. No additional action is required from the beneficiary.
  4. U-Save Rebate: The GST Voucher – U-Save rebate will be automatically credited to the household’s utility account with the Singapore Power (SP) Group. This credit will be reflected in the utility bill, reducing the amount payable.
  5. Online Portal: For any queries or to update bank account details, recipients can visit the official GST Voucher website ( The website provides comprehensive information and assistance.
  6. Contact Centers: For those who prefer in-person assistance, government service centers are available to help. These centers can guide eligibility, the claiming process, and any other concerns.

Impact and Importance

The GST Voucher scheme is a critical component of Singapore’s social support system. Providing financial assistance to lower- and middle-income groups helps to alleviate the regressive impact of GST on these households.

The scheme’s targeted approach ensures that the most vulnerable segments of the population receive the necessary support to manage their expenses, particularly in areas such as healthcare and utilities.


The 2024 enhancements to the GST Voucher scheme, including increased payout amounts and streamlined claiming processes, reflect the government’s commitment to ensuring that all Singaporeans can share in the nation’s prosperity.

These measures are part of broader efforts to maintain social cohesion and support economic stability, particularly in a dynamic and often challenging global economic environment.

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