SSS Pension Increase in July 2024: Who Will Benefit and What to Expect

The beginning of a new fiscal year often brings modifications to benefit plans, and this year is no exception. The Social Security System (SSS) authorities have announced a pension increase set to take effect in July 2024.

Retirees and other beneficiaries of the SSS pension scheme are advised to stay informed about the upcoming changes and ensure their details are up-to-date to continue receiving benefits seamlessly. This article delves into the specifics of the pension increase, the verification process, and the eligibility criteria for receiving the SSS pension.

Pension Increase Coming in July 2024

Starting in July 2024, the SSS pension is slated for an increase. This adjustment is in response to the rising cost of living and the basic expenditure needs of pensioners. The increase aims to provide better financial support to retirees who rely on these monthly payments for their sustenance.

To ensure they continue receiving their monthly deposits, retirees must report updates about their annual confirmation of pensioners.

The confirmation process, which has commenced from the start of the year, requires candidates to renew their applications or contact their nearest SSS office. This annual confirmation is crucial for maintaining the accuracy of records and ensuring that funds are directed to the rightful beneficiaries.

SSS Pension Will Increase in July

The pension verification process generally occurs once a year. Candidates must update their personal details with the SSS authorities, including contact information, address, and marital status. This verification process helps ensure that the funding supports eligible individuals and addresses any changes in their circumstances.

The SSS has introduced revised regulations for the Annual Confirmation for Pensioners, which will be implemented starting in July. The new rules primarily affect pensioners above 80 years old who live alone.

Additionally, the verification process applies to pensioners living abroad. The continuance, cancellation, or suspension of benefits will depend on the outcomes of these verifications.

According to the junior management assistant of the SSS, seniors unable to visit the department due to medical conditions can request a home visit from agency representatives. This flexibility ensures that all eligible pensioners can complete the verification process and continue receiving their benefits regardless of their physical condition.

Who Gets an SSS Pension?

To receive SSS pension benefits, candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements. These requirements include age limits, residency criteria, asset limits, tax returns, and, for disabled candidates, disability documentation.

Age Limit

The primary criterion for eligibility is age. Applicants must be at least 60 years old to qualify for the pension. The compulsory retirement age in the country is 65 years, and individuals retiring at this age will receive additional support during their first year of retirement.

SSS Pension Increase in July 2024: Who Will Benefit and What to Expect


Applicants must be permanent residents of the country and provide the necessary documentation to prove their residency. Acceptable documents include utility bills (electricity, water, fuel) and other official records. Immigrants applying for the pension must also provide documents proving their residency and a minimum of 10 years of living history in the country.

Asset Limit

The value of an individual’s assets is considered when calculating the pension amount. This includes inherited property, multiple owned properties, and savings in cash or personal accounts, but excludes the property they currently reside in. The total asset value should be less than $151,700.

Tax Returns

Candidates must have completed all previous year’s tax returns before applying for the pension. Those with pending tax returns will not be eligible for the pension disbursement.

Disability Documents

Disabled applicants must provide medical documentation to support their condition. Required documents include medical prescriptions, doctor’s reports, and recent test results. If receiving other state or central authority benefits, related documents must also be submitted.

SSS Pension Amount

The pension amount is expected to increase by 15 percent starting in July 2024. The basic monthly pension of a retiree is calculated as follows:

  • PHP 300 as a base amount.
  • 20 percent of the average monthly salary credit (AMSC).
  • 2 percent of the AMSC for each year of service over 10 years.

The minimum pension amount is calculated based on:

  • 40 percent of the AMSC.
  • PHP 1,000 if the member has less than 20 credited years of service (CYS).
  • PHP 2,400 if the member has 20 or more CYS.

Upon the retiree’s death, the primary nominee will receive 100 percent of the Basic Monthly Pension (BMP), including the dependent pension.


Ensuring Continuous Support

The SSS pension increase is a significant step toward providing better financial support for retirees. By understanding the verification process, eligibility criteria, and the new regulations, pensioners can ensure they continue to receive their benefits without interruption.

The SSS is committed to supporting its beneficiaries, adapting to their needs, and ensuring that the pension system remains robust and responsive to the changing economic landscape.

By staying informed about these changes and taking the necessary steps to comply with the new regulations, retirees and their families can secure their financial future and enjoy the benefits they have earned through years of service and contribution.

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