UGC NET 2024: June 18 Exam Cancelled, Await New Date for Admit Card

The University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) is a pivotal examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to determine eligibility for lectureships and Junior Research Fellowships across India.

Scheduled for June 2024, the exam recently faced cancellation due to concerns over the integrity of the testing process. This development has prompted the Ministry of Education to announce a re-test, with details on the new examination date awaited.

UGC NET Exam Cancellation Announcement

The Ministry of Education officially announced the cancellation of the UGC NET exam scheduled for 18 June 2024. The decision was made in light of potential compromises to the exam’s integrity, underscoring the importance of maintaining fair assessment standards. As a result, candidates who were preparing for the June exam are now awaiting the announcement of a new date for the test.

Impact on Candidates and Preparation

Many candidates had diligently prepared for the June 2024 UGC NET exam, which serves as a crucial gateway for opportunities in teaching and research across various universities in India. The cancellation has necessitated adjustments in their study schedules and expectations, emphasizing the unpredictability that can sometimes accompany large-scale examinations.

Importance of the UGC NET Admit Card

The UGC NET Admit Card holds significant importance as it serves as the official document permitting candidates to appear for the examination.

Issued by the NTA, the admit card contains vital information about the candidate and includes essential instructions for the examination day. Candidates must carry a hard copy of the admit card along with specified identification proofs and photographs to gain entry to the examination hall.

Procedure to Download UGC NET Admit Card 2024

Candidates can download their UGC NET Admit Card from the official website of NTA, The process involves entering registration details such as registration number, date of birth, and a security code.

Upon submission of these details, the admit card is generated and can be downloaded. It is advisable to print multiple copies of the admit card for safekeeping and to ensure readiness on the examination day.

UGC NET 2024: June 18 Exam Cancelled, Await New Date for Admit Card

Overview of UGC NET Examination Pattern and Structure

The UGC NET examination consists of two papers: Paper I and Paper II. Paper I assesses teaching and research aptitude with 50 questions totaling 100 marks.

Paper II evaluates domain knowledge based on the subject chosen by the candidate, comprising 100 questions with a total of 200 marks. Both papers are conducted within a three-hour timeframe and are crucial in determining eligibility for lectureships and research fellowships.

Importance of Adhering to Examination Instructions

Candidates are advised to carefully read and adhere to all instructions mentioned on the UGC NET Admit Card. These instructions encompass guidelines on conduct during the examination, permissible materials allowed into the examination hall, and protocols for submission of answers.

Strict adherence to these guidelines ensures a smooth and fair examination process for all candidates.


Preparation Strategies for UGC NET Re-Test

With the cancellation of the June 2024 exam, candidates are encouraged to utilize this additional time to further strengthen their preparation.

Revision of core subjects, practicing mock tests, and focusing on areas of weakness can significantly enhance readiness for the upcoming re-test. Staying updated with official announcements from NTA regarding the new examination date is also crucial for effective planning.

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