Exit Poll 2024 Live: Assembly Election Results and Big Win Expected for NDA

Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates: The Lok Sabha elections are over, and the exit poll results were made public on June 1, 2024. India’s citizens have chosen the parties they want to see in power. The polling places in each state were open on different days and times.

Now, everyone is looking forward to the 4th of June 2024, when the final Lok Sabha Election Exit Poll 2024 results will be made public. To choose the Prime Minister of India, the Election Commission of India runs an election that has seven stages.

Every Indian is interested in who will win this year’s Lok Sabha Election. Will the BJP get three wins in a row? Or will India go with the BJP? Or, just maybe, will Congress win the people over? The whole country of India is excited to see who wins this time. Must look at the results of the exit polls, which were already made public.

Live Updates on the Exit Poll 2024: What is it?

Everybody knows that elections are very important because they let people pick the candidate they want. It lets people choose who they want to serve them based on how qualified and suitable they are.

When we talk about what an “exit poll” is, we’re talking about the polls that different news outlets do after an election. We can guess how people feel about the country with the help of the exit poll.

Exit polls help people guess how many seats each party will get in the next election. One thing we should keep in mind is that these exit polls are just guesses and do not reflect the actual results of the elections.

The person in charge of running the election, the Election Commission of India, will announce the final results on June 4, 2024.

Exit Poll 2024 Live: Assembly Election Results and Big Win Expected for NDA

Live Feeds for Exit Poll 2024

Let’s talk about the live updates of the exit polls that were shared by the news outlets. In the live reports on the exit polls, six of them say that the ruling BJP-led NDA will win by a large margin.

These are Jan Ki Baat (362–392), News Nation (342–378), Dainik Bhaskar (353–368), India News D–Dynamics (371) and Republic Bharat–P Marq (359).

The exit polls also said that the NDA would win in Maharashtra and Karnataka and that the left-led alliance would win in Kerala. What about Bengal? The last time the BJP was there, they did the best (22). Based on the exit poll, the BJP is now the only party in Bengal with more Lok Sabha seats than any other.

Exit Poll 2024 Live: Assembly Election Results and Big Win Expected for NDA

The Indian Prime Minister is a BJP member, and this year he is likely to clinch all three seats. It looks like Congress has lost the public’s trust, but these elections should help them win back their hearts.

As of 2019, the BJP had won 303 seats and the NDA had gained 352. And when it comes to the Congress, it won 52 seats, and the UPA won 141 seats overall.

The BJP wants to get 370 seats this year, with the help of partners getting an extra 400 seats. There are 543 seats in the lower house of parliament, and 272 are needed for a majority.


Live Updates on the 2024 Exit Poll

Here is where you can see live reports of the 2024 exit poll:

Dainik Bhaskar281-350145-20133-49
Jan ki Baat362-392141-16110-20
India News D-Dynamic37112547
News Nation342-378153-16921-23
Republic Bharat Matrize353-368118-13343-48
Republic TV-p Marq35915430

When Will We Know for Sure That The Lok Sabha Election Was Won?

On June 4, 2024, the official results of the Lok Sabha Election will be made public. That day, we’ll find out about our potential Prime Minister. But before releasing the final Lok Sabha Election result, many news outlets started the Exit Poll 2024, and on June 1, 2024, Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates were made public.

The main reason for exit polls is to find out which party voters will support and which candidate will win the most seats. People can find out what the expected outcome was and who won in the Exit Poll 2024 Live Updates.

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