OSSSC Forest Guard Answer Key 2024 Available: Check Response Sheets and Submit Objections

The Odisha Sub-ordinate Staff Selection Commission (OSSSC) has released the answer key for the Combined Recruitment Examination (CRE) 2024.

This examination was conducted to fill positions for Forest Guard, Forester, and Livestock Inspector, with a total of 2712 vacancies available. The exams were held over two weeks, from April 24 to May 7, 2024.

Overview of OSSSC CRE 2024

The Combined Recruitment Examination (CRE) 2024 was a significant event aimed at recruiting eligible candidates for various forestry and livestock positions within Odisha. The recruitment drive is part of the OSSSC’s strategic initiative to enhance the state’s workforce in these crucial sectors.

Exam Dates and Process

The application process for these positions was open from October 26, 2023, to November 25, 2023. During this period, candidates were required to submit their applications online via the official OSSSC website, ensuring that all necessary qualifications and eligibility criteria were met.

The written examination, held from April 24 to May 7, 2024, assessed candidates on their aptitude and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the roles of Forest Guard, Forester, and Livestock Inspector.

Examination Pattern and Details

The OSSSC Forest Exam was conducted in multiple centers across Odisha, featuring a mix of objective and descriptive questions. The examination pattern was designed to evaluate candidates on various fronts, including general knowledge, quantitative aptitude, reasoning abilities, and specific knowledge related to forestry and animal husbandry.

The written exam consisted of 150 objective-type multiple-choice questions, each carrying one mark. This comprehensive evaluation aimed to ensure that only the most qualified candidates progressed to the next stages of the recruitment process.

Release of the Answer Key

Following the completion of the examination, the OSSSC has released the preliminary answer key for CRE 2024. This key is now available on the official OSSSC website, allowing candidates to compare their answers and estimate their scores.

How to Download the Answer Key

OSSSC Forest Guard Answer Key 2024 Available: Check Response Sheets and Submit Objections

Candidates can download the OSSSC Forest Guard Answer Key by following these steps:

  1. Visit the official OSSSC website (osssc.gov.in).
  2. Navigate to the ‘Recruitment News’ section on the homepage.
  3. Look for the link to the ‘Answer Key for CRE 2024’ and click on it.
  4. The answer key will be available in PDF format. Download this file to check your answers.
  5. It may be helpful to print out the answer key for easier comparison with your responses.

Objection Process

The OSSSC has established a transparent objection process to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the evaluation. Candidates who find discrepancies or errors in the preliminary answer key can submit objections. This process is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process.

Key Dates for Objections

Candidates must submit their objections by May 23, 2024. To file an objection, candidates need to use the Login option on the OSSSC website. A nominal fee may be required for each objection submitted.

Steps to Submit Objections

  1. Log in to your account on the official OSSSC website.
  2. Navigate to the section for submitting objections against the answer key.
  3. Provide detailed information about the discrepancy or error.
  4. Attach supporting documents or references, if necessary.
  5. Pay the required fee and submit your objection.

After considering all the objections, the OSSSC will publish the final answer key, which will be used to prepare the official exam results.


Importance of the Answer Key

The release of the answer key is a crucial step in the recruitment process as it provides transparency and allows candidates to gauge their performance.

By comparing their answers with the correct ones provided by the OSSSC, candidates can identify areas where they performed well and areas that may need improvement. This self-assessment can be valuable for candidates who may need to appear for future examinations.

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