SASSA Disability Grant June 2024: Exact Payment Date Announced

It can be hard to live with a disability, especially if it makes it hard to work and make money. The South African government helps people who can’t work for a long time because of their mental or physical health by giving them the SASSA Disability Grant.

There are two parts to the grant: one is short-term and the other is long-term. People with disabilities who are likely to last longer than a year can get the Permanent Disability Grant. Keep in mind that a “permanent” grant does not mean help for life. It only means that the disability will last longer than one year.

The Temporary Disability Grant, on the other hand, is for people whose disability will only last for six to twelve months. It gives short-term cash help during the time of recovery or adjustment.

The disability grant helps people who are qualified to support themselves every month. The gift is set to be given out on June 5, 2024, for June.

The Dates that SASSA Will Pay Disability Grants in 2024

It’s important to know when the disability grant will be sent to you so that you can keep track of your money and pay your bills. The disability grant will be given out on the following dates for the whole year:

  • June: June 5, 2024, Wednesday.
  • July: July 3, 2024, Wednesday.
  • August: August 5, 2024, Monday.
  • September: September 4, 2024, Wednesday.
  • October: October 3, 2024, Thursday.
  • November: November 6, 2024, Wednesday.
  • December: December 4, 2024, Wednesday.

Disability Grant Amount and How to Pay

The most money you can get each month from the SASSA Disability Grant is R2,180. This amount is meant to help those who need it most pay for their basic needs. You can get your grant in many different ways. One choice is to get cash at certain pay points on certain days.

You can also have the grant sent directly to your bank account, even a Postbank account. Last but not least, the grant can be sent straight to private care facilities that don’t get state funding for people who live there.

SASSA Disability Grant June 2024: Exact Payment Date Announced

When someone gets the grant and goes into a care facility with a state contract, however, their grant drops to 25% of the full amount after the fourth month. This lower amount stays with them until they leave the hospital. When they do, they get their full grant amount back right away.

How do I get the SASSA Disability Grant?

We’ve written out a clear, step-by-step process to help you finish the application. Make sure you meet the requirements and have all the papers you need ready. This will speed up the process and raise your chances of being approved.

1. Ask for an application form for a disability grant at the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office that is closest to you.

2. Make sure you fill out the form in front of a SASSA cop to make sure you get all the information right.

3. Send the papers that were asked for, and make sure that all of them are up to date.

4. Then, a doctor chosen by the state will figure out how bad your disability is.

5. A receipt will be sent to you after you send in your application and all the required papers. Keep this paper as proof that you sent in your application.

6. Your application could be looked at for up to three months. SASSA will send you a letter telling you whether your application was accepted or not.

7. If you get the job, you’ll get paid from the date you applied.

You can appeal if your application is turned down. The Social Security office will explain why the claim was denied. Within 90 days, you can write to the Minister of Social Development and explain why you don’t agree with the choice.


Important Documents

  • Proof of Identity
  • Report on Medicine
  • Proof that you are married
  • Proof of where you live
  • Proof of your skills and money
  • Show proof of a private pension
  • Money Flow Reports
  • Permit for Refugee Status
  • Document in UIF
  • Documentation about the death of the spouse (if needed)

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