Canada Grocery Rebate: May 2024 Payment Dates, Eligibility, and Amounts Explained

Canadian families are looking forward to the long-awaited Canada Grocery Rebate Payment Dates in May 2024 as the year 2024 draws near. Living costs are going up and the economy is unclear, so these rebates help families out financially by making their budgets easier to manage.

Since grocery costs are always going up because of inflation, when these rebates are given out is very important. They give people and families across the country a much-needed boost at the right time. The article will talk about the specifics of the possible Canada Grocery Rebate Payment in May 2024, such as who is eligible and other important details. Read on to find out more!

Payment of The Canada Grocery Rebate in May 2024

The Canadian Grocery Rebate 2023 was added by the Canadian Government as part of the Budget 2023. It gave eligible Canadians a one-time cash boost, especially those who were struggling with rising costs of living and economic uncertainty.

The refund was first given out on July 5, 2023, along with the quarterly GST/HST credit payment for July 2023. People and their spouses or common-law partners had to meet the requirements based on their 2021 tax return to be eligible.

What the family got as a payment was equal to twice the GST/HST credit they got in January 2023. The amount changed based on their situation and their adjusted net income. The 2021 tax return and the family situation in January 2023 were used to figure out the refund.

It was different from the GST/HST credit payment made in July 2023, which was based on the tax report for 2022. Overall, the Canada Grocery Rebate 2023 was meant to help Canadians and families with low or moderate incomes deal with inflation during tough economic times.

The first payment was sent in July 2023, but many people are already looking forward to the next round. If the government brings back the Canada Grocery Rebate in 2024, the next payment will be made on July 5, 2024.

Canada Grocery Rebate Payment May 2024: A Quick Look

NameCanada Grocery Rebate
Country of OriginCanada
StateAll States
Regulating BodyCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
CategoryFinancial Aid
ObjectiveMitigate the financial burden of groceries.
Applicable personsLow-income working individuals and dependents.
Age Limit19+ years.
Expected Payment AmountCAD 234 – CAD 628
Payment ModeOnline (Direct Deposit)
Payment DurationSingle time
Expected payment datesJuly 5, 2024October 4, 2024
WebsiteGrocery Rebate –

Who Can Get a Canada Grocery Rebate Payment in 2024?

Canada Grocery Rebate: May 2024 Payment Dates, Eligibility, and Amounts Explained

The Canada Grocery Rebate was a one-time payment that was given out in July 2023. However, people and families with children had to meet certain requirements to be eligible. Even though the government hasn’t decided on any changes to the eligibility requirements for the Canada Grocery Rebate yet, some similar factors could make a difference:

Age: You have to be at least 19 years old to get the refund.

Tax Return for 2022: You had to file your taxes for 2022 even if you didn’t make any money.

Getting the January 2024 GST/HST credit: This told us if you were eligible for the refund. If you get GST/HST credit, you will get the Canada Grocery Rebate immediately in 2024.

Income Limits: To get the refund, you or your family must make less than a certain amount of money:

  • For people, you had to make less than $32,000 a year.
  • Couples and families had to make less than $38,000 a year together.

Remember that the Canada Grocery Rebate in 2024 will be based on your tax return from 2022. The GST/HST credit, on the other hand, will use your tax return from 2023 for payments every three months to figure out the Canada Grocery Rebate in 2024.

Canada’s Grocery Rebate Dates and Amount for May 2024

This is a one-time payment for the Canada Grocery Rebate. It will be sent to you online through direct deposit on either July 5, 2024 or October 4, 2024.

The new payment amount for the Canada Grocery Rebate hasn’t been announced yet for 2024, but here are the highest numbers that eligible people can get:


  • CAD 234 if you don’t have any kids.
  • CAD 387 if you have one child.
  • CAD 467 if you have two kids.
  • CAD 548 if you have three kids.
  • CAD 628 if you have four kids.

If you are married or have a common-law partner,

  • CAD 306 if you don’t have any kids.
  • CAD 387 if you have one child.
  • CAD 467 if you have two kids.
  • CAD 548 if you have three kids.
  • CAD 628 if you have four kids.

$255 for seniors

How to Apply for The Canada Grocery Rebate May 2024 and Find out How It’s Going?

To get the Canada Grocery Rebate, you don’t have to do anything extra. If you already filed your taxes for 2022 and got the GST/HST refund in 2024, you will get the money no matter what. By signing into MyAccount on the CRA website, you can see what’s going on with your Canada Grocery Rebate.

If a payment is due, the CRA will give you a Notice of Redetermination that lists your benefit payments, including the date and amount of your Grocery Rebate. If you think you should have gotten the refund but didn’t, you can call the CRA at 1-888-863-8662 to ask about your benefits.

Canada’s Grocery Rebate May 2024: The Truth

The Canadian government might renew the Canada Grocery Rebate in May 2024 so that low-income people can get even more rebates on food. Remember that the Canada Grocery Rebate payment for May 2024 is still being thought about, and it will depend on how much money is set aside for it.


If the budget is approved, you might get the one-time payment by July or October at the latest. The Canada Grocery Rebate Payment amount in May 2024 will be between CAD 234 and CAD 628, based on the person or family. This amount could change depending on the budget and the new income threshold.

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