Social Security Payments for May 2024: Check Your Payment Dates and Eligibility

An important part of the United States social safety net is Social Security. Every month, this is given to a lot of people across the land. People who are at least 65 years old get these perks.

It is also given to handicapped people and their next of kin. There are millions of dollars at stake, which will be used to pay for several things. The Social Security May 2024 Payment will not be sent to everyone on the same day every month.

When someone gets paid by Social Security in May 2024 will depend on a lot of things, such as their date of birth, the type of income they receive, and whether they live in the United States or not.

People who are having a hard time with money and can’t meet their basic needs get these payments, which are paid for by taxes. The name of these payouts is Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI). Let’s talk more about when Social Security will pay out in May 2024.

When Will Social Security Pay You in May 2024?

In May, the Social Security Administration will send out five different checks on five different days. The amount of your Social Security check will depend on whether you meet the requirements.

A person can only get two checks out of a possible five. Also, keep in mind that not every American will get these two out of five checks. The only things you can get are either retirement income or supplemental security income.

Don’t forget to write down all of the requirements and the date you will start getting Social Security payments. You might get one of the two checks above, or sometimes you might get both of them.

If you haven’t set up direct deposit, you might not get your Social Security payment the same day it was sent to you. They don’t have your direct pay information yet, so you might have to wait a few more days to get it.

A Look at the May 2024 Social Security Payment

NameSocial Security 2024 Payment
Country of OriginUSA
Regulatory authority / DepartmentSSA
CategoryFinancial Aid
ObjectiveHelp old age and disabled individuals
Age Limit62+ years
Payment DurationMonthly
New Payment Starting MonthMay 2024
Official Website

When Will Social Security Payments Be Made in May 2024?

Social Security Payments for May 2024: Check Your Payment Dates and Eligibility

People will get different amounts of Social Security in 2024 depending on their date of birth and whether they get Social Security, a retirement income, or both. Social Security checks come out every third day of the month, and SSI checks come out every first day of the month.

If you only get Social Security:

  • If your birthday is between January 1st and October 10th, you’ll get paid on the second Wednesday of every month.
  • If your birthday is between November 11th and October 20th, you’ll get paid on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • People born between January 21 and December 31: Your payment will be sent to you every fourth Wednesday of the month.

If you get Social Security and a retirement benefit at the same time:

  • The plan for Social Security payments will be the same as the one above.
  • Your SSI payment may come on a holiday or the first of the month. Then it will be paid the business day before.
  • If you started getting Social Security before May 1997, you will get your payment on the third of every month, no matter what date you were born.

This is a list of when Social Security payouts will be made in May and throughout the rest of the year:

  • On May 1, 2024, eligible people will get both SSI and Social Security payments.
  • 13 May 2024—If your birthday is between May 1st and May 10th.
  • 20 May 2024—If your birthday is between May 11th and May 20th.
  • 27 May 2024: If your birthday is between May 21 and 30, 2024.

The same way of payment will be used for the rest of the months in 2024, as confirmed by SSA. The main way to pay is through direct banking. The money can be sent straight to a registered bank account number or sent as a deposit check.


Social Security Checks in May 2024

Many senior Americans can’t wait for their Social Security May 2024 payments, even though May has already begun. Most of the time, people get their Social Security early every month. People in the US will get five different Social Security checks this time.

The first check for people who are qualified for SSI will be $1415. Very soon, the first retirement payment will be made. After that, there will be three more payments due to retirement. The times for seniors to get their Social Security payments are May 10, 17, and 24, 2024.

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